How Can I Create PST From MSG Files? Easiest Solution

Get to know the best and the easiest solution to create PST from MSG files in a few steps. 4 easy working steps to create PST files from MSG provided
Create PST file from MSG Files

Create PST From MSG Files – 4 Step Solution

If you are an Outlook user, you should be familiar with PST and MSG file formats. Both files are very important for Outlook users which are used for storing email data. But the two things are different when it comes to managing email data. We recently received a question asking for a solution to create PST from MSG Files. So here on this blog, we have provided a complete solution to create PST files from MSG file format. But, before moving to that let us get a brief introduction about both the file formats.

PST File Format

Outlook stores all its files in PST format which contains all your personal information like contacts, appointments, calendars, etc. The main purpose of PST is to store all Outlook data.

MSG File Format

The MSG file is also one of the MS Outlook file formats. An MSG file contains a single message, task, journal, calendar, etc. 

Most Trusted Solution to Create PST Files from MSG Files

SysTools MSG to PST Converter Tool is the one-stop solution to instantly create PST from MSG files without any data loss. The user interface of this application is simple and easy to use and does not require technical knowledge. With this utility, you can efficiently create unlimited PST files from the MSG file. The product maintains the integrity of the data, the originality of the email structure, and the folder structure during the conversion process. This application is designed for all types of users be it technical or non-technical, professional or business users, etc. Its efficiency and accuracy make this product acceptable all around the globe. 

Create PST From MSG – 4 Step Solution

Step #1

Download and start the MSG to PST Converter Tool from the Start menu.

Sys Tools Message Converter Step 1

Step #2

Navigate to where you saved the MSG files. Once the files have been added to the software, the application will display them. You can preview the files in many viewing modes, such as Normal Email, Hex View, MIME, RTF, etc.

Sys Tools Message Converter Step 2

Step #3. 

The most important step is to select PST from the various available file formats. Later click on Advanced Settings to apply filters.

Export Option Step 3

Step #4. 

Navigate to the desired location to save the file and click Export to create PST files from MSG file format. You can also save the generated export report summary.

Export Option Step 4

The eminence of MSG to PST Converter

The software has so many beneficial features that make the conversion process easier for both technical and non-technical people. Let's discuss some aspects of this useful application.

Convert with attachments: The tool converts MSG emails containing text file, zip file, attachments, etc. in its original form.

Consolidate Multiple MSG Files: This software has the option to add the multiple MSG files into a single PST file. There is no limit in order to create PST from MSG files.

Maintains email formatting: With this tool, all email formats and properties are kept completely in an original way. It also maintains a hierarchy of MSG files while creating PST files.

Save output to the desired location: The tool allows you to browse and save the resulting PST file to the desired destination, helping users to easily access their converted files.

Create PST files from MSG File: This is a completely standalone utility and no need to install any external application, not even need to convert Outlook. 

Flaws with the Manual Method

The basic analysis includes a number of disadvantages, which are listed below:

  • It can only succeed when you have some MSG files only. It is also a time-consuming process to create PST from MSG manually one after the other.
  • Outlook must be configured during the conversion of MSG to PST file format.
  • The manual trick does not guarantee security.

Having considered all the limitations of the manual strategy, it would not be unreasonable to say that it is not the precise solution to create PST files from the MSG file format. Also, the free methodology cannot create the Outlook PST files from MSG with attachments.

Final Words

In this article, we have described all the details on how to create PST from MSG file format. Here, we get help from professional MSG to PST Converter to create PST files from MSG format. This software works fine with all the versions of Windows and Microsoft Outlook.


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