Best Ways to Export Roundcube Contacts to Outlook

Webmails have taken over the world when it comes to emailing. here, you will find out several to export Roundcube contacts to Outlook
Export Roundcube to Outlook

Learn How to Export Roundcube Contacts to Outlook

 Roundcube is one of the three webmail applications provided by the cPanel. Webmail is a web-based service that enables its users to access their emails, contacts, calendars, and other items by simply using a web browser. You only have to log into your webmail account to read/send emails. When you access your data using webmail, you are directly interacting with the server that has your information stored. Needless to say, you are free to use any browser to access your webmail account without being location bound with the help of a stable internet connection.

To access your data, you must be able to use the website of the email providers. Webmails are of the utmost importance when you urgently need to access your data items from your email account in some other computer device without configuring it. In other words, webmail allows you to access your email account with absolutely zero configurations. 

Roundcube webmail client provides only one export option and that is vCard. A vCard (VCF) is a virtual business card file that is the standard file for sharing contact files. It stores all contact information such as personal data, phone number, name, contact image, FAX, email address, etc.

How to Export Roundcube Contacts to Outlook?

As already stated, Roundcube only offers exporting files in vCard but unfortunately, Outlook does not accept it. Therefore, you need to convert this VCF file to PST to import it into MS Outlook. To import vCard contacts to Outlook, you need to install a third-party tool. 

Let's first learn how to Export vCard File from Roundcube:

1. Log into your Webmail account, you can use the following methods to enter the cPanel site:

  • The account’s IP Address/webmail
  • your account’s IP Address:2096

2. You will be taken to the Webmail interface. If it prompts you to select the service, then click on Roundcube.

3. After you have reached the homepage of the account, click on Contacts from the top menu.

Export Roundcube Contacts to Outlook Step 1

4. Your complete address book will display. From the Groups section, choose the address book you want to export.

Export Roundcube Contacts to Outlook Step 2

5. Now, click on the Export button and your entire list will export in VCF format.

But, remember MS Outlook does not support vCard format? So, your next step is to convert it into an acceptable format and that is a PST file. Want to know how? Keep 

Steps to Export Roundcube Contacts to Outlook

Step #1 

Download the PCVITA vCard Importer tool and install it. Now, launch the application.

Export Roundcube Contacts to Outlook Step 3

Step #2 

Click on Add File or Folder. Now, select and load the VCF file(s) or folder in the software.

Export Roundcube Contacts to Outlook Step 4

Step #3 

Next, preview and choose the file you want to convert and click on Export. If you want to convert only a selected number of files, then click on "Export Selected".

Export Roundcube Contacts to Outlook Step 5

Step #4 

After that, select the Export type. You can choose to save the contacts in an existing PST file, a new PST file, or a default MS Outlook profile. Provide a destination to save and click on the Export button.

Export Roundcube Contacts to Outlook Step 6

Now you are required to import them to your Outlook account.

  1. Launch Outlook, click on File
  2. Click on Open & Export > Import/Export 
  3. Choose Import from another program or file > Next
  4. Select CSV option > Next
  5. Browse the file to import & select the folder to move it in
  6. At last, match the custom contact fields.

Done! You have completed the process to convert contacts from one platform to another.

Manual Method to Export Roundcube Contacts to Outlook:

You can complete this process manually as well but no manual method wins over professional software. There are always some limitations associated with the manual procedure. Export contacts from Roundcube in the exact way as mentioned above. Then, follow the following steps.

1. Go to the Contacts folder (C:\ Users\ Admin\ Contacts)

2. Click on the Export button from the top menu

3. Select CSV (Comma Separated Values) >> Export

4. Provide a destination to save this CSV file >> Next >> Finish.

After this, follow the steps stated above to know how you can further move them into your Outlook.

The process is complete.


In this blog, you learned methods to export Roundcube contacts to Outlook. We explained all the limitations as well as provided the best possible solution to execute this task. Users can use any of the above-mentioned methods to import contacts into Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, all other versions.


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