How to Print Outlook Contacts as Business Cards?

Learn how you can print Outlook contacts as business cards in simple ways. This blog provides you the most effective ways to perform the task manually

Print Outlook Contacts as Business Cards – Tips & Trick

Summary: There are several ways to print Outlook contacts as business cards and in this blog, we are going to learn exactly that. Here, you will have a plethora of methods to print the contact files effortlessly.

A business card is an informal name for vCard files which are the virtual business cards accepted universally. They are widely used by professionals to share and transfer the Outlook address book with other users. Therefore, to print Outlook contacts as business cards, you will first have to convert the contact files to vCard format (VCF).

"I work in an IT firm and I need to take print outs of my client's contacts for the record. How can I do so? I have over a thousand contacts so is there any method that can help me convert them all in a single attempt?"

Any contact contains several attributes such as names, email addresses, phone numbers, pin codes, and many other such details. While converting these contacts, the user must be sure that none of these attributes are lost during the process. Therefore, in this blog, we have discussed such methods that can help the users preserve the contact details and convert them without losing any data.

How to Print Outlook Contacts as Business Cards?

You can print the list manually or with taking the help of external software. We will discuss both of these methods in this section. Along with the vCard format, users can also choose to go for the PDF file which is a portable document file. Though a PDF is not the most valid format for contacts, it is used more often than not.

Smart Way to Print Outlook Contacts as Business Cards

The PCVITA Outlook to vCard converter is the best software to convert Outlook data files to vCard. It facilitates options to convert the contact files to PDF, vCard, and seven other features. It provides more marvelous features such as:

  1. Exports multiple contacts to VCF format in a single attempt.
  2. Provides a preview of all contact details and attributes.
  3. Maintains the folder hierarchy of contacts even after conversion.
  4. Facility to migrate damaged, corrupted, orphaned, password-protected files.
  5. Preserves all contact fields, details when converting to the desired format.
  6. The file thus produced can be imported or used with multiple applications/devices.
  7. Provides an option to scan the PST or OST file to detect any error in the file.
  8. No limitations on the number or size of the contacts it transfers.
  9. Automatically maps the custom fields of the source file with the destination file.

Steps to Print Outlook Contacts as Business Cards

  1. Download and launch the PCVITA Outlook to vCard converter tool. Now, add contact file(s) or folder. It also provides an option through which it automatically scans and picks up the contact files from your system.

    Print Outlook Contacts as Business Cards

  2. Next, the tool scans the chosen files and detects any type of corruption in them, and eventually imports them into the software.

    imports into software

  3. You can now preview all of the attributes of these contacts. Now, select the files to export.

    files to export

  4. At last, select the file type that you would like to share to print your contacts in. Provide a destination location to save and hit the Export button.

    Save and Export

 Voila! Now, you can simply print these contacts.

Manually Print Outlook Contacts as Business Cards

  1. Launch the Outlook application & click on the Contact icon.
  2. Then, click on the File option from the top left corner.
  3. Tap on the Print option & choose the format you'd like to print in.
  4. Finally, click on Print Options, apply settings, and hit the Print button.

This method is applied for the PDF format and not vCard which is the actual business card file. In addition to that, the manual method does not support the contact images either which means that the contact images will not get printed.


In this blog, you have learned about different methods using which you can print Outlook contacts as business cards. We explained to you a manual method but considering the long list of limitations, we also provided you an automated expert tool that exports your contacts. You can avail of its free trial version to get the perfect results. It makes sure that your contacts are not corrupted in any manner during the migration process.


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