What’s new in first preview version of .Net 6?

Check here how .Net Core 6 preview version with BLAZOR has numerous opportunities for developers as well as users with multi platform Web and Xamarin
What’s new in first preview version of .Net 6?


After the successful preview version of .Net 5, as usual, now Microsoft has launched the first preview version of .NET 6 and introduced some new features of the .Net application. The users of multiple systems like Windows, Linux, and macOS, etc can download.NET 6 Preview 1 version easily. The .NET 6 is highly recommended for the advanced development task as it has been tested frequently with Visual Studio .Net 16.9 Preview 4 versions and Visual Studio version for Mac 8.9.

Most of the .Net developers are trying this version for their advanced projects.

What you’ll find in .NET 6 (preview version)

It’s Unified and extensive

Preview.NET 6 says about its facility to develop the apps that you desire for the various targeted platforms and different operating systems. Here, the utility and features of the .Net application have been extended to compete with its competitors as well as fulfill the need of developers from the angle of new automation tactics, multi-functioning mobile apps, and data science requirements.

Integration of Mobile Apps

With .Net 6 the mobile apps developed through iOS, Android, and macOS are elements of Xamarin could be integrated easily so that the opportunity and utility of the .Net 6 application would be emphasized.

Combination of Web and Native UI together at Blazor

With Blazor Web Assembly, it’s definitely possible to get developed a new type of hybrid client app which refers to the combination of web and native UI at a single interface. This is used for both desktop and SmartPhone platforms.

The mobile app developers can have benefited from the mainline .NET tools and APIs utilization while focusing on iOS and Android platforms. Probably, the professional web or cloud developer can easily interpret the services to .NET mobile apps and share appropriate code with them. The first unified platform, i.e. Blazor Web Assembly is a Mono runtime-based model and .NET class libraries, with SDK tools. Since xamarin has the same model, so Xamarin based iOS and Android apps could be easily integrated with.Net 6 Blazor.

Open planning process

Herewith .Net 6, we adopted another open planning procedure. The .NET 6 could be planned with a hierarchical model of themes, epics, and user stories, with priorities and types. This model allows you to view the release at a great facility offers insight on which benefits are the most significant, and turns it smoother to gain chances to connect and throw in.

Also, the GitHub theme and epic issues for .NET 6 are started displaying up in September you might have viewed somewhere on the web.

Better Support with Platform Matrix expansion

As per news updates by Microsoft, the real version of .NET 6, is going to be released in November 2021, and the estimated functionalities will be for around 3 years. Here, you could realize well the better expansion of the platform matrix in comparison to .Net 5 and other previous versions of .Net Core such as  .Net 3.1and others. The beginner developers can check the proper guidelines from our .Net core Web API tutorials.

Additional Benefits

The Android, iOS, Mac, and Mac Catalyst, for x64 and Apple Silicon “M1”, Windows Arm64 (specifically Windows Desktop) are additional advantages. Here, the Debian 11 (“bullseye”) has been used as the container for the images.

Faster inner loop

With this version of .net Core 6, the Xamarin team has designed the XAML with Hot Reload experience and initiated to envision allowing hot reload as a genuine .NET capability. It happens not just for XAML, but also for C#/IL.

Microsoft has incorporated both CoreCLR and Mono for better compatibility and runtime for the integration between web apps and mobile App.


Arm64 goes to be a great focus for all the dependable developers and industries. They have developed the foremost improvements in Arm64 function with .NET 6.0.

Also supports well for desktop App

Unlike web apps, the windows app could be developed well along with .Net 6.0 and Blazor application. Hence, here complete solution is available for both web and desktop developers.


I hope, the above article regarding .Net Core 6.0 is informative and the developers must have found some better opportunities to go with the same version of .Net Core 6.0. You can take a decision well to upgrade from other versions such as .Net 3.0 or .Net 5 to .Net 6.0.


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